terms of service


general statement

This document explains in detail your rights and obligations as a user of the Englotron website and recipient of my services, and my rights and obligations as the administrator of the website and provider of the services. I respect my clients and I aim to manage this website and to provide my teaching services in an honest, open and fair way, as advertised and meeting all applicable legal requirements. If you feel any part of this policy should be changed, or if you are unhappy with any aspect of the website or the services provided, please feel free to contact me at admin@theenglotron.com or by submitting a contact form.

services offered

The following services are currently offered on this website:

  • Booking and payment for live online lessons in EFL (English as a Foreign Language)
  • Submitting queries about lesson bookings via a contact form
  • Opting to be included on a mailing list to receive important website announcements and newsletters

personal information

In order to provide the services above, this website gathers some personal information about users via cookies and forms. For detailed information about what personal information is collected, why it is required and how it is managed, and about your legal rights regarding the website’s use of this information, please read the privacy policy.


essential emails

When you book lessons or send a contact form via the website, you are required to supply your email address. By supplying your email address you consent to receive relevant emails from me to confirm your lesson booking, to discuss any special requests you have made regarding lesson content, or to communicate any unforseen change in my availability; or in the case of a contact form, to reply to your query. I will not send you emails for any other purpose unless you opt to be included on the website’s mailing list (see below). Please ensure that the email address that you supply is entered correctly and is for an account to which you alone have access and which you check regularly, and please check your spam settings to ensure that emails from the domain “theenglotron.com” are not marked as spam or junk mail, as otherwise I cannot be held responsible for any lessons missed or any other consequence arising from emails not received.

mailing list

Some forms on the website have a box for you to tick if you want to be included on the website’s mailing list for newsletters and important announcements. I will aim not to send such emails too often, as I personally don’t like businesses which send too many ‘pushy’ emails, and I assume you don’t either! If you do opt to join the mailing list, you can request to be removed from it at any time by sending me an email with the text “Please unsubscribe me from the mailing list”.

third party communication platforms

Live lessons are delivered using third party video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype. Some of these platforms require that participants share contact details in order to connect, for example Skype names. If exchanged, such contact details will only be used for the purpose of delivering the booked lesson(s). All other communication will generally take place by email, as described above.

lesson bookings and payments

advance booking

Users may book lessons by selecting one or more available time slots on the booking calendar and making the required payment. Currently, the calendar is set up to enable users to book lessons from a minimum of 12 hours in advance. This is to account for different time zones (I may be asleep when the lesson is booked!) and to allow time for lesson preparation.

payment methods

The website currently allows payment for lessons by PayPal. When you submit a form on the “bookings” page requesting one or more lessons for which a fee is due, you are directed to the third-party PayPal portal to make payment. From there you can either log in to your existing PayPal account or create a new one if you are not already registered (note: for some users, the PayPal portal allows payment by credit or debit card without a PayPal account, although it is not currently clear what determines this). When you have successfully made the payment, you will be sent an automated email confirming your booking.

In the future, alternative payment methods may be added to the website. In this case, this document will be updated accordingly.

discount coupons

At times I may offer or give out coupons entitling users to discounted or free lessons and services. This may be for promotional reasons or to give a user ‘credit’ for a rescheduled lesson. A coupon is a code which you can enter on the website’s lesson booking form to reduce or remove the fee payable for booking the lesson. Each coupon can only be used once. The website does not associate a coupon code with a specific user; anyone can use it. For this reason, if you receive a coupon code it is your responsibility to keep it private, as no refunds or replacements will be given for coupons which are used by someone other than the original recipient.

cancellations and refunds

if you need to cancel a lesson

To cancel a lesson which you have booked and which has been confirmed, please email me at admin@theenglotron.com, including the words “cancel lesson” and the day and time (with time zone) of the lesson(s) to be cancelled in the email subject, e.g. “Subject: Cancel lesson 25/7/21 2pm BST”. If you paid a fee for the cancelled lesson you may be entitled to a full or partial refund depending on how much advance notice you give.
Refund entitlements are as follows:
minimum 48 hours’ advance notice = full refund
24-48 hours’ notice = 50% refund
less than 12 hours’ notice = no refund entitlement.

other grounds for refund

if I need to cancel a lesson

While I always aim to honour confirmed bookings, in certain extreme cases I may be forced to cancel one or more lessons which have already been booked.  Such cases could include, but are not limited to, personal/family emergencies or serious internet service disruption. If this happens, I will notify you by email as far in advance as possible. You will have the choice of a receiving a full refund for the cancelled lesson(s) or a credit coupon for the same value as the cancelled lesson(s), which can be used to re-book lesson(s) at an alternative time.

Refunds will generally not be given for a lesson or lessons which have been delivered. This is for three reasons: firstly I am confident in the quality of my service and believe that the format and approach of my lessons are accurately described on the website and in other promotional material, so students should know what to expect (please also see the point below about perceived progress); secondly because delivering a lesson incurs cost in the form of preparation time and effort; and lastly because accepting a booking means I am not available to teach other students and so forfeit potential income. The only exception is if the quality of a lesson is reduced to an unacceptable level because of external factors beyond my control, such as extreme background noise or technical failure. 

IMPORTANT: expectations vs. perceived progress

It is important to be realistic about progress. Experts in education and linguistics agree that even when studying intensively with a good teacher, learning a language takes time and effort. Also for many reasons which are not fully understood, different learners learn at different speeds. As mentioned above, I am confident in my abilities and in the service I provide. I am also careful not to make unrealistic claims about how quickly you will progress. If after one or more lessons you feel that your progress does not match your expectations, you are under no obligation to book more. For all of these reasons, retrospective refunds will absolutely not be given on the grounds of perceived lack of progress.

how refunds work

Any agreed refunds will be issued using PayPal within five working days. Funds will go to the same account from which your payment was originally made.


Under UK law, people under the age of 18 are considered minors. For welfare reasons, there are strict rules which must be followed by any person or business offering educational services to under-18s. Although I have a lot of experience of teaching young learners and am trained to an advanced level in safeguarding, unfortunately at the moment I do not have the resources to ensure that all aspects of the website and services comply with all of the relevant safeguarding laws. For this reason, services on this website are currently only offered to people aged 18 or over, and users are asked to confirm that they are over 18 years old by entering their date of birth when booking lessons or requesting to join the website’s mailing list.


As stated at the top of this document, I respect my clients and I aim to provide my services in an honest, open and fair way. However, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service I provide or have a complaint about anything on this website or in my communications with you, please contact me by email (admin@theenglotron.com) or by submitting a contact form in the first instance. If reasonable and practical I will attempt to resolve the issue by dialogue. If you are not satisfied after this process and you feel the issue is serious enough (for example if you think I have broken the law or acted unfairly) and you would like to take your complaint further, you can find useful guidance on the Citizens Advice UK website: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/get-more-help/report-to-trading-standards/

changes to terms of service

These terms of service may be changed in the future to reflect changes in the way the website is administered or services are provided. Any changes to the terms will be reflected on this page, and will be communicated by email to all users who have agreed to be included on the website’s mailing list. If you have not agreed to be included on the mailing list, it is your responsibility to regularly check these terms of service for any changes.

thanks for your attention 🙂